White Dots Train / Brilliant Noise (Minato Media Museum 2012)

We will exhibit two artworks at “Minato Media Museum 2012”, a contemporary art exhibition held in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan where got damage of Tsunami in 311.

Minato Media Museum 2012
Date: 2012/Aug/5 Sun – 2012/Sep/1 Sat
Place: Hitachinaka Kaihin Railway / our exhibitions will be at Nakaminato Station.

White Dots Train

We will use a Japanese historical train car “KIHA 203”.
All windows of the car are attached two punched boards and moire patterns are made.

White dots express symbolic beauty of natural phenomenon such as Komorebi (sunbeams streaming through leaves), Yurameki (shimmering ocean), Konayuki (powder snow).

See a related artwork, “White Dots Room“:

Brilliant Noise

We will install our artwork, “Brilliant Noise” on the platform of Nakaminato Station [那珂湊].
Human voice, car noise and sound of train running above this space affect brightness of bulbs.

We have exhibited this installation at Kobe Biennale 2011:

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