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oxoxo [zero by zero][ゼロバイゼロ]

oxoxo [zero by zero] is an installation art group based in Tokyo.  It is consisted of Tatsuhiro Iida, Tohru Komahashi, Shogo Suzuki. We express the beauty and mystery of nature such as light, water, air, etc. through our installation works. We also make sound visualizer using natural objects and exhibit at open-air concert.

oxoxo [zero by zero] was originally organized in 2008.


Familiar sight for you, something in the environment etc… We would like to show some aspects of them that you have hardly ever seen such as the beauty and the mystique through our installation works. We hope the people experienced our installations will find a new point of view and get more chances to be moved by their daily life.


mail : oxoxoInformation [AT] oxoxo [DOT] me
Facebook : @oxoxo.me
Location :6 Chome-17-17 Omorinishi, Ota City, Tokyo


oxoxo [zero by zero] was originally organized in 2008.

  • “Kaleidosky” – Rokko Meets Art: Art Walk 2010 (Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Hyogo),
  • “Reflective Music” – TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL ― SOUND, ART & PERFORMANCE ― PART 2 (February 21, 2011, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya),
  • “Drops of Light” – Granship Art Competition 2011 (June 2011, Granship, Shizuoka) We won the grand prize.
  • “White Dots Room” – KOBE Biennale 2011 Art in a Container International Competition (October 2011, Hyogo) We won the second prize.
  • “Brilliant Noise” – KOBE Biennale 2011 Kokashita Art Project (October 2011, Hyogo) We won won the incentive award.
  • “Drops of Light” – Osaka Canvas Project (November 2011, Osaka)
  • “White Dots Train” and “Brilliant Noise [Minato]” –  Minato Media Museum 2012 (August 2012, Ibaraki) We won the jury’s special award.
  • “Puddles of Sky” – Rokko Meets Art: Art Walk 2012 (Rokko Garden Terrace, Hyogo)
Contact us 

If you have interested in our activation, please send a message to the following email address. oxoxoInformation [AT] oxoxo [DOT] me


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