For your peaceful moment

A healing light with warmth of handmade glass that creates a richer ambiance wherever you place it.

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(日本語) 日常に癒やしの空間を生み出すLEDヒーリングライト、Arom (アローム)。スガハラオンライン、全国のスガハラショップにて販売中。

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(日本語) シブヤガワ映画祭 で、インスタレーション作品展示

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

Maker Faire Tokyo 2018 – SHAKE SYNC & Kvel

We will exhibit SHAKE SYNC ( ) and Kvel ( ) at Maker Faire Tokyo from Aug. 4 to 5.

Booth No.: A-07-02
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight


It shines once you shake it. Color synchronizes.
A block that resonates like a living creature.
It can detect each other’s place and receive and transmit light.
Once they gather, they emit light as if everyone is breathing at the same time.
Arrange them in a row, create wheels, stack them up.
Through the enjoyment of designing light freely,
This is an educational toy brushing up imagination and self expression power.


Kvel – a palm-sized work of art in glass that creates a richerambiance wherever you place it.

To heal the fatigues of the day, to bring a beautiful new tomorrow, Kvel brings the “flower of light” to bloom to produce a calming space

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Kvel was published in GoodsPress (Japanese Magazine).

ゼロバイゼロのKvelが、徳間書店が発行する月刊GoodsPress(グッズプレス)に掲載されました。選ばれる”デザイン家電” – 目利きたちが伝えたいクールな家電特集で、空間を彩り生活を豊かにするプロダクトの1つとしてレビューいただきました。


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