Kvel is a new illumination that produces natural lights by sounds.
Putting Kvel into a glass or a candle holder, can enjoy warm light such as a candle.


How to enjoy Kvel

1. Choose a favorite glass

The brightness makes different effects according to the glass.

2. Put a Kvel into the glass

Put it into an empty glass like a straw.

3. Play some music

Enjoy flicking warm light in rhythm with the sound! It also has beautiful brightness without sound.

For Living

Use Kvel in the bedroom, living room, and beyond in the container of your choice. You can even enjoy Kvel alongside living floral arrangements thanks to its waterproof case. Try it in champaign or sparkling water to enjoy the even more remarkable glow of delicately illuminated bubbles.

For bar / restaurant

Kvel is perfect for night clubs and live gatherings thanks to its dynamic ability to adapt to any sound situation. Eco-friendly and safe, Kvel is even better than real candles—and features a unique sparkling light not found in any other existing LED flameless candle. See for yourself: with weddings, surprise parties, and more.

For outdoor

With its easy-to-carry, slim shape and convenient AAA battery operation, Kvel is perfect for hassle-free outdoor entertaining such as camping, grad parties, festivals, and more.

For Installation Art in Your Home

Enjoy the art of sound and light combined in any space: put Kvel in a crystal tumbler and turn the lights down to experience its dynamic, enigmatic illuminated ambiance.

The design is simple also dynamic

We have continued to keep trying for express "the beauty of the natural elements" so far, applying Japanese technique and then Kvel was born as an artwork to enrich your life . Kvel is a simple cylinder, when it turns on, fantastic light will be spread inside Kvel.

Hardware Specifications

AAA batteries x 2 (compartible with rechargeable battery)
About 60 hours (using alkaline batteries)
Outer diameter 18mm (0.7”) Height 190mm (7.5”)

We need
your support

We have finalized the prototype of Kvel. Hereafter
we have intention of productization and offer to people all over the world.
We are planning to introduce crowdfunding to raise funds,
therefore your support will be much appreciated.
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