Rokko Meets Art – Arts Walk 2012

We will exhibit new installation at Rokko Meets Art – Art Walk 2012 that will be thrown in Mt. Rokko, Kobe, Japan from Sep. 15 through Nov. 25.
Don’t miss it and enjoy contemporary artworks and beautiful scenery at Rokko!


Event Name: Hanshin Leisure Facilities Co., ltd, Hanshin Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Date: 15 September – 25 November 2012
Venues: Rokko Garden Terrace, Rokko-shidare, Observation Dock, Rokkosan Country House, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Rokko International Musical Box Museum, Rokkosan Hotel, Rokko Cable, Rokko Hilltop Gallery
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We have exhibited an artwork called “Kaleidosky” in this annual festival two years ago. We made a huge kaleidosky and you can enter inside it. When you look up the sky, a part of the sky is reflected infinitely by the artwork.


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